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Bed Bug Control

Superior Bed Bug Control In Akron, OH

Bed bugs are some of the most difficult pests to eliminate from your home. Their small size makes them nearly undetectable and their painless bite makes you wonder where you got those itchy welts from. Many people think that bed bugs only invade unsanitary places, but the truth is, they only care about where they can most easily get their next warm meal.

While bed bugs aren’t inherently harmful, they are a nuisance and can very quickly spread throughout your entire home and beyond. Many Ohio homeowners face this particular pest pressure and the stress can be a burden, but fortunately, you do not have to face this pest pressure alone. The expert pest control team at Promise Pest Control has the tools and expertise to eliminate these blood-sucking pests from your property, for good.

Our Bed Bug Control Offerings

Bed bug control can be tricky to manage on your own. In 2010, we recognized that our clients needed some better bed bug control options, so we got to work and found the best solutions. Our research showed that that only extreme heat would eliminate bed bugs at all stages of development, and we used this information to develop superior bed bug control offerings for all of Akron, OH.

High Heat Treatment

  • Partial preparation is required and will be explained before receiving service.
  • Setup includes installing heaters fueled by a generator on our trailer, as well as placing fans to promote the circulation of air. Once setup is completed, we will seal the home before leaving.
  • The heaters are set and maintain a temperature of 140°F or above for four hours.
  • Eliminates live bed bugs and eggs in spaces that are 500-1900 square feet without chemicals.
  • Home is aired out for two hours after treatment.
  • Setup and runtime is approximately six hours total.
  • 60-day "No Live Bed Bug" warranty is available

Heat Vaporization Treatment

  • Full preparation is required and will be explained before receiving service.
  • Setup includes placing a portable furnace which is heated to 95°F, installing pest strips used for vapor, and placing fans strategically to promote circulation of air. Once setup is completed, we will seal the home before leaving.
  • Eliminates live bed bugs and eggs.
  • When treatment is completed, we will remove the pest strips and open the windows to ventilate for at least two hours. No residue is left behind and this treatment is safe for you and your pets. The pest strips are the same as those used in food silos to eliminate insects.
  • 60-day "No Live Bed Bug" warranty is available

Food-Grade Organic Dust Treatment

  • Minimal preparation is required. Remove all bedding and sheets then wash in hot water, followed by drying in a hot dryer for at least 30 minutes.
  • This treatment is slower than other treatments and approximately one-half the cost of our heat vaporization treatment option.
  • Dust shields will be removed and discarded from the underside of couches, chairs, and box springs. Dust will then be applied to the affected areas to treat the bed bug infestation.
  • This service includes three treatments approximately 15 days apart. Treatments will be on a schedule, so you will be required to respond to calls to set up service within three days of the treatment.
  • You must not vacuum for two weeks after each treatment has been applied.
  • Once the final treatment has been completed, you will receive a 30-day “No Live Bed Bug” guarantee.

These offerings allow us to meet the unique needs of all of our neighbors in Akron. We understand the stresses that come with bed bug infestations. It can be embarrassing for some homeowners. This is why we use unmarked vehicles when performing these services. With plans meant to work for anybody’s needs and budget, we are the go-to bed bug control experts.

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